HI! My name is Kathy, founder and formulator of Ca-Pièr Young skincare. 
I know you came here to find out about us, but first, let’s get to know you!
What are you looking for in your skin care products?
Natural, botanical, cruelty free, active, effective? We offer all that!
Do you want to feel confident in your skin? So do we! And that is exactly why we are in this skincare journey together!
See, we already have so much in common, now we just need to use the same skincare products!

In 2013 I just had my 3rd child and my skin was in bad shape. I spent the years prior struggling with acne breakouts, scars and uneven skin tone and it seemed everything I tried was either too harsh for my skin, full of chemicals or never gave me positive results.

I knew I needed something more and that’s when Ca-Pièr Young® came to life!

I began my research and spent years studying the benefits of natural ingredients, botanicals and topical super foods for skin. I exceeded my knowledge in nutrition, skin anatomy and then on to developing products.

Having spent over 15 years in the beauty industry as a hair stylist I had some experience in minor formulating and understanding skin, but the best experience came from talking with my clients about their own skincare journey’s.

I gained personal insight in to what they have used, what worked and what didn’t work for them and of course their interest in wanting a more pure and trustworthy product than what the typical market had to offer. (Just like me)

After I finally created the solution for my own skin issues, I conducted numerous trials with diverse skin types and the results were more than amazing!! 

To add to my skincare journey, I am a thriving health enthusiast, and lover of all things natural (I’m an 80’s kid with a hippie’s soul). I started implementing more skin loving foods in my diet along with smoothies and juicing celery. My goal was to achieve a good healthy skin foundation from the inside out. Now that I have those results I am more than excited to share it all with you! 

I officially launched Ca-Pièr Young® skincare in May of 2017 and happy to say I have been helping people achieve healthier skin ever since!

Now less about me and how this all got started, and more about Ca-Pièr Young® skincare!

Ca-Pièr Young® skincare is proud to be Texas made and USA sourced.  Products are nourishing, effective and derived from our earth’s purest botanicals. 100% free from parabens, phthalates, fragrances, glutens, dyes, sulfates, and fillers. We are proud to be a Leaping Bunny Certified brand which means we never test on animals nor do our ingredient sources. Each of our ingredients have been carefully selected based on their skin healing and nourishing properties.

Products have been formulated to help balance out your skins natural PH levels while offering nourishment to help your skin maintain a healthy cell turn over. They are perfect for troubled/blemished skin, sensitive skin, aging skin, happy skin, stressed skin, youthful skin, and vintage skin!

We have crafted a unique, synergistic blend of natural botanicals, skin loving fruit enzymes and naturally resourced extracts with your skin in mind. Our products offer powerful anti-inflammatory properties resourced from Frankincense. This oil has been known to help stimulate cell regeneration, support faster cell turn over and protect older cells from free radical damage. Non comedogenic. Non toxic. Free from parabens, phthalates, minerals, silicones, fragrance, glutens, dyes, sulfates, & fillers. We exclude over 1,300 skincare ingredients deemed unsafe. We promise to always be cruelty free, clean and earth friendly. Everyone should be able to enjoy healthy, glowing skin.”- Kathy