Skincare Tips & Tricks

Skincare Tips & Tricks Importance of cleansing and nourishing your skin  Importance of cleansing  your skin  From the time you wake up your skin is faced with pollutants, toxins and impurities that embed themselves in your pores. You must continuously rid your skin of this buildup in order to keep your skin healthy. The first […]

Skin purge or acne break out?

Skin purge or acne break out? I get asked this question frequently and it’s important to understand what your skin can do while switching products and your skin care routine.  So then what is a skin purge?? Skin purging is a very real thing and it’s actually a GOOD thing! But, it doesn’t happen to […]

Correct way to apply your face serum

Correct way to apply your face serum Facial serums are like little magicians for your skin! So we simply can’t go without them, but we CAN go without the wrong way of applying them! Being a licensed cosmologist, skin care brand owner and formulator, sanitation is the most important step on my list. When I […]