Correct way to apply your face serum

Facial serums are like little magicians for your skin! So we simply can’t go without them, but we CAN go without the wrong way of applying them!

Being a licensed cosmologist, skin care brand owner and formulator, sanitation is the most important step on my list. When I see those cute little videos and photos on social media with the models so carelessly applying their serums directly to their skin with the droppers, it makes me cringe!!

But why?? It looks so flawless.

Let me tell you what’s really going on with that, and the correct way to apply and gain all the benefits from face serums.

Cross contamination is the first thing I see when I see the dropper touching your skin. The moment you touch the surface of your skin with that dropper you are taking a HUGE risk of contaminating your product. Not saying your skin is dirty, but let’s just say you missed some areas, have bacteria on the surface of your skin mixed in with some dead skin cells. The moment you touch that glass dropper to your skin to apply your product you have just contaminated your applicator, YUCK!! Then you put that contaminated applicator back into your product. Do you see the big risk here?? You have unknowingly introduced bacteria and other outside elements INSIDE the bottle.

So what’s the solution?? It’s simple… Drop 2 – 4 drops of your serum onto your clean fingertips or palm (use your other fingers to dab the oil from your palm and apply to your skin) then massage into your skin using upward circular motions. With our version of the “flawless application” you are never touching your skins’ surface with the dropper.


Facial serums are highly concentrated so a little goes long way. When using serums less is more. 

Remember, serums are not diluted with additives, emulsifiers or an overabundance of water like creams or lotions.  With serums, you are getting ALL the amazing benefits without the dilution which makes them stronger and more effective. And trust me, that’s a good thing!!

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