Skin purge or acne break out?

I get asked this question frequently and it’s important to understand what your skin can do while switching products and your skin care routine. 

So then what is a skin purge?? Skin purging is a very real thing and it’s actually a GOOD thing! But, it doesn’t happen to everyone so if you don’t experience it that’s OK.

A skin purge is the first sign that your product is working and amazing skin is soon to follow!! Skin purging is the result of faster cell turnover pushing buildup and debris quickly to the surface of your skin to get rid of it. Normally with a purge, your pimples appear smaller and go away faster then normal acne. Did you know that you can have flakes of dry skin, pimples, and excess sebum hiding underneath your skin for several weeks and even months? That buildup of bacteria and dead skin cells desperately NEEDs to get evicted from your face and move out!

 Try not to let this stage frustrate you! Purging is a necessary process that your skin MUST go through.  It’s a short moment of freeing your skin of all that build up to reveal your healthy “new” skin.

Once the purge happens it won’t take long for your skin to clear and heal. Especially by sticking to your new products and routine, your skin will adapt. As your skin purges the “old”, the products will nourish and treat your existing and new skin cells. You are simply setting the new standard for clearer, healthy skin.

Skin purging consist mostly of blackheads or tiny skin-colored bumps, and look very similar to a breakout. Purging often occurs in areas where acne would pop up frequently.

A skin purge is just like a body detox. You know the feeling when you eat junk, processed food and too much caffeine? And then you decide to do a juice cleanse or a body detox? You will normally feel worse before you feel better as your body rids itself from all the toxins it has been holding onto and accumulating. Your skin is the same way, it gets comfortable in its set ways and can “hold” on to build up until you wake it up and get it moving.

What is acne? Acne is blemishes that occur in new areas of the face, reappear frequently and linger on a regular basis. They are normally red, inflamed areas of the skin that will eventually find their way to the surface with an obvious head. Acne break outs are normally a result of clogged pores, allergic reactions, bacteria on the skin, hormonal imbalances/changes, poor diet, stress, not having a good skin care routine, and possibly other health factors. If you have reoccurring break outs and nothing seems to help, it is time to take a GOOD look at your diet, what you are putting IN your body and what you are putting on your face. The ultimate goal is to detox your skin and maintain good healthy cell turn overs so you can set yourself free from those pesky “roommates” on your face.

So why do I not experience a purge with every product I try?

Many products are formulated to cover up your underlining skin build up while not getting down to the root of the issue. And who once build up and toxins just sitting in their skin!?

Once your skin purges, as long as you stick with your new skin care routine and products your skin should stay clear and healthy, but let’s be real here, life happens and toxins are all around us. You may experience small bouts of skin purges every now and then, and that’s OK! Stick to your products and they will heal quickly.

Choosing natural skincare products with minimal and natural ingredients will help reduce your risk of negative skin reactions. Over time, these products will support continuous healthy skin renewal, revealing clear, vibrant and glowing skin! 


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